How to Remove Footer Credits from Your Blogger Blog without redirection

If You Started a new blog recently and used some templates from External Source (i.e. themexpose, Templatism,e.t.c.) then you must be seeing their footer credits like this-
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And maybe some of you have tried to remove it but that caused your blog to redirect to their Website.
So, here I will explain you how can you remove the footer credits completely from your blog.
Follow these steps-
Step 1. Login to Blogger> Go to Templates Section and click on Edit HTML

Now Left click on the editor and press Ctrl+F a search box will appear. Type the Footer Credit which is showing on your blog. For example, if there is showing ‘Created by: Themexpose Then Type Themexpose in the search bar.and press Enter.

By Pressing Enter once you may not get to the Footer Credits section. Press it more times until you go to the Footer Credits Section.

Step 2. After getting to the right Code Paste the following Code after ‘ id=mycontent‘ and delete ‘created by’ as shown in the Figure below-

Code- style=’visibility:hidden’
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After doing this the Footer Credit will be removed from your blog.
If you had deleted the Footer credits and your blog is redirecting to any other Website then Reinstall the Template and use the Above Steps of Removing it.