why is my period late whereas i am not pregnant

I wouldn't know that they were missing. If you are having problems conceiving and you miss a period but don't get a positive pregnancy test or get a negative one but think you are pregnant, you have not missed a period. When you miss more than one period you should go to your doctor.

I didn't realize you were on a medication for PMDD. What exactly is that?

This is a medical term that describes women who get mood swings during the ovulation period. It has a lot of different names like premenstrual dysphoria. PMDD is like premenstrual syndrome (PMS) but more severe. It is a catch-all term for symptoms like depression, mood swings, irritability, eating disorders, increased anxiety and feelings of rage.

 It can last for months and even years. It usually occurs in women who are overweight and less educated. PMDD is not a normal part of getting your period. It happens when the body is stressed or hasn't had enough estrogen or progesterone in the previous two months. It is not caused by diet, exercise or sleep. The hormones that cause this are thought to be created by your endocrine system.

You don't know if your symptoms are triggered by your period or some other trigger like lack of sleep. If you are pregnant and having pregnancy symptoms, they are likely hormonal.

Did you mention anything about hormonal birth control?

I mentioned some mild hormonal changes that I have experienced and some of the tests I did that are commonly used in diagnosing PMDD. One test is the insomnia depression test. If you are missing many periods of sleep or getting up at night and have depression symptoms, you have PMDD.

 There are some health concerns that can be associated with that. Your OB/GYN would definitely want to know if you were taking hormone replacement therapy or some other hormone medication.

You mentioned you were having some irregular periods. If you miss more than two periods and get a positive pregnancy test, you are pregnant. That could be a sign that your period has been skipped. If you had a missed period for more than one month in a row, it could be the result of having a miscarriage or a pregnancy that you missed. There is no reason for you to have missed more than two periods.

period late but not pregnant:-

Not being able to have kids can really impact a woman's self-confidence and self-worth. Many women don't want to be seen in public because they feel like they look ugly or their clothes are baggy.

"Pregnant" is not a perfect word. Many people use it as a way to let their friends know that they are having sex. But if you are not planning to get pregnant and you have a period, you can't have a pregnancy. It can feel like a way to get attention when you are trying to hide something else. And a positive pregnancy test could be an awful reminder that it just didn't work out.

Your period is late or you don't have a period at all. You missed a period. That could mean something in your reproductive system didn't work or you have missed more than two periods in a row. And if you are pregnant or have a menstrual cycle, it can feel like you don't have control over your body. You feel frustrated and anxious.

If your period is on time, you can feel anxious or like something is wrong with you. You feel upset that you can't control something that is so important to you. That can be a symptom of PMDD. It can feel like you can't trust your body or it is broken.

Did you try to prevent pregnancy? Did you get a premarital exam?

While a few people who are pregnant are simply trying to conceive, the majority of pregnant women who have a period are trying to prevent pregnancy.

Did you take birth control pills?

Some women who are pregnant can take a birth control pill to prevent pregnancy, which will decrease your period for a few months after you get pregnant. The first pill to start is the monthly one. After you have missed two periods of time, you can take another pill that will go in your vagina up to a month after you get pregnant to prevent pregnancy. If you miss more than that, your period will start.

Remember, if you are trying to get pregnant, you need to use an effective birth control. This could mean a different type of birth control each month, depending on your health and what your doctor recommends.

  1. If you missed a period, you are likely pregnant.
  2. It's okay to have multiple missed periods.
  3. Many women have more than one pregnancy. If you do have a miscarriage, that could be a sign that your period has been missed more than twice.
  4. If you missed more than two periods, you probably didn't get pregnant.
  5. When do you need to get a pregnancy test?
  6. If you missed two periods, you might want to get a pregnancy test.

If you have had two missed periods, you might not get a positive test. Your body might be a little more reluctant to produce a pregnancy. But if you have five or more missed periods, you should be sure to get tested.

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1 ) - being over weight 

2 ) - tension and stress 

3 ) - reaching menopause 

4 ) - menopause 

5 ) - over active thyoroid 

6 ) - Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) 

7 ) - medical condition 

8 ) - One more chance for love

what happens to a woman when she misses a period no pregnant :- 

Most health care providers recommend that pregnant women get a pregnancy test before they get pregnant. Most doctors don't offer them on a yearly basis, but every single doctor that you see during your pregnancy should offer one.

If you are not trying to get pregnant, you might need to get a fertility test to make sure you aren't a little older than you think you are.

If you are trying to get pregnant, your health care provider should also give you an intrauterine device (IUD) and an IUD insertion. These are called fertility protection.

Some women who are pregnant might need to have an additional diagnostic test. This could include a uterine imaging scan or an MRI. Your health care provider can decide what additional tests are needed based on your health history. If your health insurance provider is involved, they will also be able to determine what tests are needed.

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