How to remove unused javascript/CSS for increase website page speed

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The easier it is to build a website, the more difficult it is to rank it, and if your blog shows in the first page of Google, then you consider yourself lucky. Why millions of articles and websites are waiting for this, when their number will appear in the first page of Google. It is very important that your blog website is not showing in the first page of Google. Such as duplicate content, flame quality content, incomplete content, or any other reason may be as if the speed of your website is working. Which takes a long time to open in a device.

How to remove unused javascript

There are many other reasons why website speed works, templates, hosting, and unused javascript. Friends, from this article you will learn how to remove JavaScript from them.

You have created a new blog and done a good template in it but you do not know that you have Javascript unused in it from every angle. Your blog will not have speed increase until you remove them.

Java script is a kind of programming language.

No template can be developed without this, which is added to each theme and template. But Some useless javascripts are also added to the template which must be removed. So let us know how to remove unused javascript from blogger website.

step: 1

Open your website in google chrome and go to the dashboard. After this, click on view blog and open it. three dots will appear in the top right corner of your screen on the laptop or computer desktop or on which you have opened your website. Now click on that three dots.

step: 2

After clicking on three dots a tool bar will open. Which will have the option of more tools. Now click on more tools.

step: 3

After clicking on more tools, another user interface will open. Which will have an option of developer tools. Now click on this option.

step: 4

Now a new tool bar theme will be open like that. There will be another third dots option under the already existing three dots at the top of the right side of that tool bar. Click on that three dots again.

step: 5

After clicking on three dots, another tool bar will open just below that, which will again have the option of more tools. Now click on that option again.

step: 6

After clicking on more tools, another tool bar will open in the left side of the same tool bar. In which there will be an option of coverage. Click on that option.

step: 7

After clicking on the coverage option, two options will appear in the bottom below the already open theme tool bar.

@... click the record button to start capturing coverage

@..  click the record button to reload and start capturing coverage

You have to click on the second option - reload and start.

step: 8

After clicking reload and start option, the tool bar of URL, TYPES, TOTAL BYTES, UNUSED BYTES will open in place of the same. The URL, in front of which the percentage of unused bytes and red color will appear, scroll down and copy all the urls and save them in notepad.

step: 9

After copying the url of unused bytes, go to the dashboard of your blogger and click on the theme option. Then click on Edit HTML option. After that, the HTML coding bar will open in front of you. Now move the pointer to the HTML coding bar and press ctrl + f simultaneously in your keyboard.

After this, a search box will open in the top of the right side of the HTML theme. In which search by paste the URL of unused bytes.

After searching, wherever there is unused java script / CSS code in the theme, there will be highlighted in yellow color. This will reveal the page speed breaker of your website, which is called unused java script / CSS code.

Now select this java script / CSS code and press ctrl + x simultaneously. This will remove the unused code. After removing all unused code, click on save theme.

Now to check the page speed of your website, search by paste the URL of the website in the page speed inlights of google.

You will now find that the page speed of your website has become very good. page speed score would have been 80-90. So if your articles will be relevent, then the chances of ranking on the first page of google will increase.

final words: -

I hope that you have got very good information from this article, how to remove unused javascript. If you feel that this article is helpful for you, then please comment. how to remove unused javascritp from  blogger website, has proved to be quite beneficial. You can improve the page speed of your website or blogger by following the steps mentioned.

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  1. Thank you very much. You have helped me to change my website speed from 88 to 97 on mobile.


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