50+ Cute Instagram Birthday Captions for everyone

[Birthday Caption for wishes ] From Here you can copy lovely  & cutie  Instagram (captions for birthday wishes ) Birthday Captions for Your friends to post any of your birthday  pics or  photos.

For any human being, that day is most special, the day it is born, if someone gives his good wishes on this day, then he gets very happy. You can also choose a good image or caption from here and send it to your relatives siblings or someone you love and bring a sweet smile on their face.

captions for birthday wishes

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One more year of life passed but not sensible.

To tell you a true thing, I have come here just for cake

You are getting more pretty  and sexier with your growing age

On the occasion of this special day, I am sending you a cake, share it and happy birthday.

No matter how old you are, candles are always cheaper than cakes.

Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.

It  take's  21 years to get this awesome.

The experience of life increases with increasing age, even if  trying to impress her.

happy birthday wishes to my dear lilttle sister

Birthday party and cake may not be cut, it cannot happen

Donut be jelly. It’s my birthday.”

birthday captions wishes

Best  Instagram Birthday Captions

I am sending you a cake so that your heart does not hurt

I'm still young, my age is 55

It’s my birthday, I can wine if I want to.

If you are not getting older it means you are dead

Another New year, but no change in my style  

You are suitable for skin care at the official level of age .

From this new year you should start using photo filter to look young 

You are getting old, it is natural, but you are getting smarter, it is not necessary.

Hope your birthday is memorable for years

Happy Birth Day Caption For Friends 

It becomes the duty of a true friend to wish you a happy birthday first on your birthday

New years come, old years go, but how you always keep yourself young is up to you

To send someone a happy birthday, it is important to buy sweets first.

Today is your birthday again, to spend on another gift for you .

Imagine living your day and making your stomach upset.

On the occasion of your birthday, your mobile phone should be handed over to your father.

The oldest way to stay young, tell others your age LESS     than real .

Today you will realize how many years of your life have flown

Today you have got one more year to reduce your mistakes

Today is a great day because today is my birthday

Oh God  had The Best Birthday never

I am only growing old, the devil within me is still alive

Hey god i have completed one more cycle of the  sun, now i will rest

I'm growing up but i'm getting smarter

yes its ture Guys,  I’m now ready for marriage 

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