mother teresa biography in english

“Mother Teresa devoted her entire life to serving poor and poor people in India. When such a person is awarded the treaty, it is natural for Indians to feel proud, ”- Prime Minister Modi

mother teresa biography

“Who do you think is the most successful woman today and why?

Mother Teresa. To serve the leprosy patients with her compassion and love and smile ”- Priyanka Chopra

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Mother Teresa Biography

Mother Teresa Biography Mother Teresa has been honored with many awards, including the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize.

She was also conferred with the title of "Lucky Teresa of Calcutta" on 19 October 2003.

Then in December 2015 he was conferred the saint's title by the Roman Catholic Church of Pop Francis. His method of becoming a saint was done on 4 September 2016.

Name - Mother Teresa

Birth - August 26, 1910

Place of birth - in a village in Yugoslavia

Death: 5 September 1997

Educational Qualification: Learned English at Loreto Abbey in Rathfarnham, Ireland

Father's Name - Nikolay

Mother's Name - Dranaphile Bonjashyu

How was Mother Teresa's childhood?

Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910 in the Kosovar Albanian family by the name of Agnesa Gonkashi Bonjashyu. But 27 August is considered his actual birthday.

His birthplace Skopje is today the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, at the time of his birth it was a part of the Ottoman Empire.

Mother Teresa was the youngest of all the children of Nikolay and Dranaphile Bonjashyu. Her father was a member of a political party such as the Albanian Community of Macedonia, who died in 1919, at that age Mother Teresa was only 8 years old.

She was the youngest of five siblings. As a child she became fascinated with the missionary services in India, Bengal.

He converted as Agnes Gonzha Boyajiju.

It is believed that almost all the people in the world live only for themselves, but in human history there are examples of many human beings who have devoted their lives to philanthropy and service to others. Mother Teresa is also one of such great people who live only for others.

Mother Teresa is a name that our heart fills with reverence as soon as we remember it and a special aura rises in the face.

Mother Teresa was such a great soul whose heart beats for all the poor, poor, helpless and poor people of the world and that is why she devoted her whole life to his service and goodness.

When did Mother Teresa leave the house and where did she go again?

She left home in 1928 to live with the Loretto sisters at the age of 18, the same mother Teresa learned English and was on her way to becoming a Christian evangelist. Loreto used to use English language to teach children in India.

After being removed from home, he had never seen his sisters and his mother again. His family lived in Skopje until 1934 and after that they moved to Tirana, Albania.

After this, Mother Teresa came to India in 1929 and she was educated in Darjeeling, she learned Bengali at St. Teresa School near the Himalayan hills and taught her children there, on 24 May 1931, she got the title of Sanyasini for the first time. And after this he changed his original name to Teresa.

From 14 May 1937, Mother Teresa taught at Loreto Convent School. Teresa spent nearly 20 years of her life there and in 1944 she was appointed to the post of Headmistress.

In 1982, when there was a famine in some parts of Bengal, it served the people affected by it as well as those who were injured in the war.

Mother Teresa was very fond of teaching children in school, but she was very concerned about her life in Calcutta and the poverty spread around it. During this time violent incidents occurred in her city too. 

Unheard Tales of Mother Teresa:

Mother Teresa's specialty was that she was born abroad but worked in India. She was a resident of Yugoslavia, but made India her home.

As a Christian evangelist, he succeeded and the service work he started from India spread to more than hundred countries of the world.

For a long time, he served the poor, the sick and suffering from severe suffering. She was engaged in the work of Missionaries of Charity for 24 hours.

1. Once it was too late, his assistant nurse asked how long she would work, because the needle of the clock was playing 12 at night.

His answer was, till the sufferings of the poor and the poor are overcome, we will have to keep doing this work and if the moon is poor and helpless people even in the stars, then we will have to go there and serve them.

2. In 1949, when she was going to sit somewhere in the train, then after seeing the scenes she saw, she realized that her real job is to serve Dridranarayana and be like her.

In 1950, he founded the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta and started its work. He saw many such scenes in Calcutta, on which humanity sighs.

In those days in front of a cinema house in Calcutta, there was a huge drain of garbage and garbage. It had leaves, two leaves, rags and scratches and mud. Pigs and dogs crushed it and were looking for food in it.

Suddenly a few leaves healed and the men standing nearby saw that a child was shaking hands and feet. They thought of admitting the child to an abandoned hospital or orphanage.

A man had just picked him up and a beggar came running and shouted to the man, "How dare you raise my child?"

"This baby is yours?"


"Then why did you put it in the drain here?"

The beggar said that he has a total of one and a half yards of washes, if I tear the cloth out of it, my body is naked, which I could not completely cover already. That is why the child was begging to be put in the drain. 

3. Initially, when Mother used to work at Lareto School in Calcutta, when she used to sit in a school bus and go to her camp, she would get to see such scenes.

When she was going to Darjeeling by car, she decided to leave Lareto and work for these poor people.

At that time he had only three sarees and five rupees to carry out his work.

4. In Calcutta, where he saw women, old men and children living in extreme poverty and started work for them, besides the plight of the diseased people lying on the streets.

He explained to them that there are also ways to avoid this disease and taking good care can improve the disease.

He established the 'Mahatma Gandhi Leprosy Ashram' in Titagarh. He took many such patients to his ashram by lifting his hands.

He had helped such kind of patients, who, in fact, were considered absolutely useless by the society and put them on the garbage heap.

When he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for such works in 1979, in his statements, he called the abortionists 'murderers'.

5. He started his work with only 5 rupees but even after expansion of work and establishment of more than seven hundred and fifty centers in 125 countries, his main place of work remained a small office in Calcutta, from where he could do his work. Used to run.

In these centers of Missionaries of Charity, food was collected for more than five lakh hungry people every day.

More than two and a half million patients were given medicines and efforts were made to educate the children living in more than 20 thousand slums.

Apart from this, his service was spread to the sick people suffering from AIDS, those who destroyed their lives due to the consumption of drugs. He also took care of the service of children and people suffering from tuberculosis.

6. The way Mother Teresa expanded her service work and the way she was engaged in service work day and night, many people began to doubt that this work would not be finished after them.

But he said that this work is for God and is dedicated to him, so there is no fear of its ending.

Wherever she went, great kings and emperors and presidents used to spread foster legs in her honor.

His reply was that I do not ask for anything from anyone, I do not solicit any kind of grant from governments either.

I do not take anything as salary for any kind of service, people give money on their own volition.

Some people have also accused them that they cause conversion of poor people.

His reply was that my only effort is that a Hindu should become a good Hindu.

Mother believed that hungry people have visions of God in their bread. His face is seen in the victims living in slums.

He said that he saw no difference between people who died of dislocation from starvation, sickness, accidents on the road, and Jesus who were crucified.

Mother Teresa Awards:

Ramon Magsays Award (1962)

Pope John Ixchi Peace Prize (1971)

Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Peace (1972)

Nobel Peace Prize (1979)

Bharat Ratna (1980)

Order of Marit (1983)

Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award (1993)

mother teresa biography in english

A foreign woman who worked with him in Laretto said that Mother was very simple in the beginning.

He did not see any specialty in them and we could never imagine that the extent of his work would be even extended.

Mother Teresa lived in a very simple dhoti on the blue side. Some sort of kitsch was not revealed by their dress nor by their food. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his many works.

Apart from Bharat Bharat Ratna, she received many other honors but she considered her greatest honor in the service of the poor, the disabled.

Thus, his service work was dedicated to the Lord from beginning to end. In his place, Nirmala Devi is now looking after and handling this great service work. 

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.

Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.

I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbor. Do you know your next door neighbor?

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbor. Do you know your next door neighbor?

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

Peace begins with a smile.

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted.

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