How to make facial hair stop growing in Females Naturally

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 Everyone knows women grow hair on their face. The amount and texture, however, differs by woman. Most get so little you’d never be able to tell. Many have to wax from time to time. But some women get such thick, coarse hair growth on their face that life can become a nightmare.

how to make facial hair stop growing in Females

how to make facial hair stop growing in Females

Women are faced with enough societal pressure everyday without having to deal with the embarrassment that comes with stubborn facial hair. If you’re a woman who suffers from this type of predicament, continue reading. We’ll cover what causes facial growth and what you can do to put an end to it.

Facial Hair in Women

Like we covered, all women have some degree of facial hair. It’s the specific kind of hair that grows which makes all the difference. Men are the same way. Many grow hair that is very different from the kind they grow on their head. It can come in fine and light or thick, dark and coarse.

When women experience thicker, coarser facial hair that’s easier to notice, it’s usually because they have an overabundance of the male hormone testosterone. All women have some amount of it, of course, just like all men have a certain degree of estrogen. But the more testosterone a woman has, the more she’ll experience noticeable hair growth on her face. Women who have polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD), for example, usually have noticeable amounts of facial hair.

Traditional Treatments for Facial Hair Growth in Women

Obviously, most women take active measures to deal with their facial hair. Unfortunately, treating this growth in women is easier said than done. Most solutions are really just methods for either minimizing the hair or lightening it, so as to make it less noticeable.

Many women are familiar with such methods as bleaching their hair, waxing it, removing it with lasers or stopping its growth with electrolysis. These methods generally require the help of a cosmetologist or dermatologist. Unfortunately, these treatments are not without negative side effects. Most can be very painful and some cost quite a lot of money as well.

Home Remedies to Treat Facial Hair Growth in Women

That being said, not all hope is lost. There are actually some home remedies that many women have used successfully to treat their embarrassing facial hair. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

Women who want to slow their facial hair growth should start with the minerals and vitamins they take. Supplements are a great, natural way to address the problem.

For example, vitamin B6 is easy to purchase in pill form over the counter from any health food or nutrition store. It has proven effective at slowing down and even preventing facial hair growth for women. It accomplishes this by retarding the secretion of a hormone called prolactin. This hormone triggers the release of the male hormone we mentioned earlier, testosterone. 

As we covered, this hormone results in facial hair in women. Therefore, a diet that lacks B6 may actually be the cause for the growth of hair on a woman’s f ace. Women, therefore, should endeavor to eat more chicken, liver, fish, peanuts, potatoes, hazelnuts wheat bran and cereals made from fortified grains.

Another vitamin that can have positive effects on this problem is vitamin E. This vitamin helps maintain the body’s levels of testosterone, as well as insulin. Magnesium, chromium, copper and zinc are also helpful in this regard. Foods rich in these nutrients are papaya, almonds, turnips, blueberries, tofu, garbanzo beans, Swiss chard, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, raw plantains and green leafy vegetables.

There’s a also an all-natural herbal remedy that might be of note too. Chaste tree berry, also known as vitus agnus castrus, can curtal the luteinizing hormone. This hormone has also been linked to the growth of facial hair in women.

Topical Treatments

While the above methods are all solutions you take orally, there are other methods that work as topical treatments and have shown promise. These treatments work by managing a woman’s hormonal levels in order to stop or delay the growth of facial hair.

Electrolysis is a very popular method for destroying the hair growth on a woman’s face. The actual follicle itself is killed. Unfortunately, killing the hair off so it never grows back is almost impossible, so multiple treatments are necessary.

Another way to handle facial hair is with waxing. It rips the hair out by the root, solving the problem in the short term and buying time before the hair grows back.

Like electrolysis, laser therapy can be used to destroy the hair follicles on a woman’s face. The laser generates heat which in turn attacks the follicle.

While it’s currently very difficult to completely stop facial hair growth in women, that doesn’t mean it’s something that you have to live with. Thanks to the above treatments there are many ways to make your facial hair much more manageable.

My advice :-

In the end, I want to give you a suggestion. Before you use any medicine, you must have Meet your trusted doctor . And instead of adopting a natural recipe, go to the beauty parlor and get the threading done. Because it is a common thing for women to have hair on their face, there is no need to be ashamed of them. Use of laser technology can be dangerous, so do not use it at all. 

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