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True Quotes about life love and laugh I mean happiness, powerful inspirational quotes about positive happy  life quotes with images for WhatsApp 


 MY great hopes is laugh as much as i cry too get my work done & try to  loves somebody &  have the courage to accept the love in return.


 love the life you live,live the life you love


Beauty does not linger,it only visit.

yet 💓beauty's visitation affects us & invites us into it's _rhythm,💖it calls us💧 too feels think and act  beautifully£ in the💋 world to create and live a life _£without 💕delight is only half a life.....

LiFe iS a SoNgS -- ; Sing iT.

LiFe  Is A gAmE -- PLaY it,,

LiFe Is a cHallEnGe--MeEt It.

LiFe Is A dReAms -- ReAlIzE iT.

LiFe Is A sAcRiFiCe-OfFeRiT.

LiFe Is LoVe So EnJoY It...

life Is ReLlY SiMpLe,,. BuT We InSiSt On MaKiNg It CoMpLiCaTeD

it's easy to forget what an amazing gift life really is. Our lives are nothing but cosmic blinks. even our mainly all-encompassing worlds are just tiny blue dot circlings an average-sized star spiraling around,, a galaxy of 300-600 billion star which itself is just one galaxy among billions more yet for 1 brief moment we get to experience the wonder of the existence of consciousness.

success or failure depend more upon attitude then upon capacity successfull men act as though they hve accomplished or are enjoing  someting soon it becomes a reality act look urself conduct urself according & u will be amazed the positive results.

the worlds be see that seems so insane is the result of a belief systen that is not work . to perceive the world differenrently..

we must be willing too change our belief systems lets the past slip away expands our sense of now & dissolve the fear in our mind...

What's is a fear of living,its being preeminently afarid of dying it is not doing what u come here to do out of timidity & spinelesness the antidote is to take full responsibillty for urself for the time u take up &  the space u occupy if  u dnt , knw what you're here to do, then just do some dood..

  if you live in the mountain , u long for the trees & lakes,,

 “Don't cry as happiness its over smile because it happened

Beauty does not linger,it only visit.

yet beauty's visitation afects us & invites us into it's rhythm,it calls us too feels think and act  beautifuly in the world to create nd live a life without delight is only half a life.


life quotes

love is friendship thats has cough its is quiet understandi mutual confidence share and for giving it is loyalty through gud and bad thimess it settles for less thn perfections and makes allowances for human weaknesses...

let us alwayss meet each others with smile for the smile is  the beginnings of loves,

 work hard be kinds nd amazing thingss will happends

Even when am sick nd depressed i love life more.

life quote gif

 if  you tel peoples where to go but how to get there u ill be amazed at the results


just saying u are better thn gud won"t make it so... but, when u understand what it takes to live the better than gud life & you apply urself,ur life will truly be better then good.


we loves life not because i used living and because i used loving.love is important for life.

   Most peoples asked for happiness on condition.


   happiness can only be  felt if you don"t set any conditions,

 Life is the game that must be play this truth at least  good friend,

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