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I loved a _girl & she 💕broke_ my heart. Now 💋every piece of my_ heart love different _girls. 😘People 💖called it flirt that’s not fair.

I always😍 arrive_ late at office but I 😍make_ it by leaving😊 early.

If u 💢think I_ am BAD than 😗you’re_ wrong, I’m the_ worst.

I enjoy_ when people💘 show Attitude to _me coz it shows that_ they😍 need an Attitude_ to😆 impress me!

Dear Mario, I wasted my _childhood 💘trying to save ur girlfriend. Now, you_ help me to save mine.

I will marry_ the girl who_ look as pretty as_ in her Aadhaar card!!

I’m cool but _global warming _made me hot.

Waiting_ for Wi-Fi network.

Excuse me_. I found 😇something under_ my shoes ohhh its _your Attitude.

“People with _high ego and unnecessary_ attitude 😗deserves the_ standing ovation _of the tallest finger”

“A bad attitude_ is like a 😎flat tire, you _cant go anywhere _until you change it.”

“Silence😍 is _the best answer _to a Fool”

“Beauty _is skin deep but 💔attitude_ is to the bone”

“What is a _Best 😗friend? A single_ soul in two bodies.”

“When I’m_ good I’m best , when I’m bad I_’m worst.”

“Before your_ judge me💋, Make sure _you are Mr. perfect….”

“Please don’t get _confused between my _my attitude & personality!”

“I always 😍😍arrive late at _office but I make _it by leaving early.

My attitude based on how u treat me.

Life will give u exactly 😗what you need, not what you want.

Yeah U – The one _reading my _status, Get😞 Lost!

Alone instagram captions 

alone captions great alone💛 captions you can find here .enjoy😔Are you looking for Alone Instagram caption quotes status – status for whatsapp? we have extremely unique Alone Instagram caption quotes status 😗our collection of Alone whatsapp status just now updated Alone whatsapp status are written by me and my team members.i am sure that your friends will like these Alone Instagram caption quotes status collection in can checkout the Alone 😄Instagram caption quotes status below .

1. Sometimes 😃people_ have to cry out all their _tears, to make room _for a heart full of smiles.

2. The greatest pain_ that comes😍 from love is _loving someone you _can never have.

3. I will 😇wait till_ the day I can forget YOU or the _day you realize_ you can’t forget ME.

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4. I don’t usually sleep enough, but when I do, it’s still not enough.

5. It’s sad_ to be happy 😍alone.

6. Smile and no _one will see how _broken you 😍are inside.

7. Why does it _always have😍 to be _the one that you love the _most hits😑 you the hardest?

8. The truth _hurts for a little💘 while, but lies _hurt for a lifetime.

9. Being lonely_ is like a storm💖 with no_ rain, crying without# tears.

10. How did_ we go from💜 talking _everyday to strangers?

11. You always_ get hurt the moment _you begin to care.

12. If you’re going_ to make me cry, at least _be there to😗 wipe away the tears.

13. There is no_ point in crying, 💘the tears _wont bring you back to me.

14. How_ can I go 😍back to where the s_mile I had was real.

15. Be patient _and tough; some 💟day this _pain will be useful to you.

16. Loneliness is _the human condition.💋 No one is ever _going to fill that space.

17. The pain- is there to😃 remind me that_ I’m still alive.

18. Sometimes you_ need to run 💕away just to_ see who will follow you.

Alone captions

When u_ feel lonely, Music is _Ur only Friend.

 I Like _Being Single..I’m💘 Always there _When I Need Me..

Sometimes people_ have to cry out all their😎 tears, to make _room 💟for a heart _full of smiles

I luve💙 being alone, but i Hate being _lonely.

 It’s Take_ Nothing To Join The _Crowd. It😍 Takes Everything _To Stand Alone.

 I will wait_ till the day I _can forget U💖 or the day _you realize you can’t 💛forget Me.

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