why is my period late - while i am not pregnant: late period not pregnant

If you’ve had a negative maternity ( i missed my period) and you haven’t had a menstruation with in ninety days, create a briefing together with your family Doctor. Tell them regarding your previous periods, cycle length and heaviness, and the other symptoms you have got noticed . they'll wish to run a number of tests to examine if your cycle is being tormented by another health condition.

late period not pregnant

A late cycle will be emotional, however strive to not jump to conclusions till you discover out what’s extremely happening. It’s utterly traditional for the length of your cycle to vary sometimes—maybe it’s nothing in any respect.

why is my period late - while i am not pregnant

Irregular periods or late menstruation is a period cycle that is often delayed by time. This means that either your periods come early or you are late. Mainly the normal period cycle is 28 days. However, the period cycle of some women may be 2 days shorter or even 2-4 days longer. Any period cycle is said to be irregular when your periods are late than 35 days or before 24 days. In general, periods kitne din chalta hai can last for 4 to 7 days.

Cause for no period negative pregnancy

 There can be many reasons why periods are irregular (why periods are late). Sometimes, the period cycle becomes irregular due to high stress only. If you are under more stress then it has a negative effect on your body and due to this your menstruation  becomes late and irregular. Apart from this, many diseases can also cause your periods to be late (due to delayed menstruation).

1)...Causes of PCOS

In polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the ovaries make large amounts of androgens, which are male hormones. Small fluid-filled sacs (ulcers) may form in the ovaries. These can often be seen on ultrasound. Hormonal changes can prevent eggs from maturing, and therefore ovulation is not persistent. Sometimes women with polycystic ovary syndrome have irregular periods or menstruation stops altogether. In addition, obesity, infertility and excessive hair growth and acne also occur.

This condition can be caused by a hormonal imbalance, although the exact cause is not yet known. Treatment of PCOS depends on whether the woman desires pregnancy. If pregnancy is not a goal, weight loss, birth control pills, insulin used in diabetes can help regularize a woman's cycle. If pregnancy is desired, ovulation-stimulating drugs may be tried.

2)...Due to thyroid

Hypothyroidism (when your endocrine gland doesn't turn out enough thyroid hormone), adenosis (your secretor produces too much), and hyperprolactinemia (you have an excessive amount of gonadotropic hormone, a internal secretion of the ductless gland in your blood) for all menses. will have an effect on regularity. in line with a study, forty four p.c of ladies have a amount cycle because of thyroid.

3)...Due to PID

Pelvic disease (PID) may be a microorganism infection that affects the feminine puffy. These bacterium will enter the channel through sexual contact then unfold to the womb and higher venereal tract. bacterium will enter the generative tract through medicine processes or maybe through parturition or miscarriage. Symptoms of inflammatory disease embody AN unpleasant odor, significant discharge with irregular periods, pain within the pelvis and lower abdominal elements, fever, nausea, vomiting, or symptom.

4)...without any reason menstrual can late 

An health problem isn't essentially the reason for irregular periods. Many times, despite not having any reasonably malady, you'll be able to still face the matter of delayed amount or discharge amount. Delayed periods with none malady may also have the subsequent reasons.


With increasing age, there comes a time once girls stop having periods fully. This condition is termed climacteric. many ladies conjointly face Pre-menopause before coming into climacteric. happens . this happens} a couple of years before climacteric occurs. during this scenario the amount cycle of ladies begins to become irregular.are measure exaggerated then women ought to see a doctor.

Why does the period early

Premature periods: Due to hormonal changes occurring in the body, many times periods can come quickly.This is mainly the case during puberty at the onset of puberty, ie puberty. However, due to being sick many times, periods can also come quickly. Your periods may be due to puberty, mainly due to puberty, perimenopause, STIs, implantation bleeding, pregnancy loss, PCOS and andromyriatosis.

Home treatment of irregular menstruation 

 what to do when periods are late:-

Home treatment of irregular menstruation: To get rid of or prevent irregular menstruation, you can do the following home remedies. These will not only remove the problem of your irregular menstruation but will also help in improving your health.

 a)...yoga and exercise 

Yoga has always been seen as an effective treatment for issues related to different periods. According to a study, doing yoga  for 3 months helps in reducing the levels of hormones related to irregular menstruation. Because of this, if you are also facing irregular menstrual problems then you should make yoga a part of your daily routine.

b)...Take care of weight

Sometimes due to too much weight loss or weight gain, your period cycle can be disturbed or irregular. Because of this it is also important to maintain a healthy weight. Women who are overweight are more likely to have irregular periods.

c)...Spices with Ginger

Ginger is used as a home remedy for many diseases, but there is no scientific evidence of how effective ginger is in curing diseases. According to one study, the inclusion of ginger in its diet reduces the amount of blood flowing during periods. In addition, ginger also helps in reducing the problem of irregular periods.

d)...Include vitamins-D in your diet

According to a study , taking vitamin-D reduces the problem of irregular periods. There are many other health benefits of Vitamin D as well, including reducing weight, reducing depression. Vitamin D is mainly found in dairy products and some cereals.

e)...Can delayed periods be treated?

Yes, treatment of delayed periods is possible. If you want, you can use home remedies for this. However, if your periods do not flow on time, then you should consult  a doctor. Your doctor will be able to tell you more correctly on this problem, and will also be able to tell you about the reason for irregular period cycling.

f)...Can I become pregnant even after delayed periods?

If you have an irregular period problem, it does not mean that you cannot be pregnant. However, you must consult a doctor before planning about pregnancy.

Can I become pregnant even after delayed periods?

If you have an irregular period problem, it does not mean that you cannot be pregnant. However, you must consult a doctor before planning about pregnancy.

Food for irregular periods:- 

If you've got lost your menstrual  ar late, then you must eat celery, cumin, sweet papaya, ginger, fennel, pomegranate and herb parsleyand cinnamon. However, check that that you just don't seem to be pregnant. If you're pregnant associated consume these items then you'll have an abortion.

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