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  People in world believe that girls should be married at a young age. Many people say that women should have children within 18, 20 years. But this is not true, do you know at what age it is right to have a child.

The best age to get pregnant

Research conducted by scientists has revealed that the correct age for women to have a child is around 24 years.

Research has also revealed that if you give birth to a child over 24 years of age, the risk of uterine cancer in women is very low.

at this age women settle properly in their lives, which makes them mentally ready to have children.

When a woman is mentally ready to have a child, it directly affects your child. By giving birth to a child at the age of 24, your child is very smart, and is also very smart to look at.

The best age to get pregnant:-

When a girl is born, there are 1 million eggs in the womb of her body, by reaching her young age she has about 3 million eggs left, as the age increases, the number of eggs also keeps decreasing. And along with that the quality of the eggs also decreases. 

pregnancy age limit:-

By the time the menopause reaches, its eggs become inactive. And the baby is unable to produce a baby. Every woman's menopause age is different, normal age of menopause starts from 45 years.

 best age to have a baby:-

According to experts, the right age to conceive any woman, whether she lives in any country, is between 22 and 24 years. At this age she has high quality obtained eggs. And her ability to conceive is 25 - 30%.

female fertility age chart:-

  • age 20 years- 25% chance of getting pregnant 
  • age 30 years- 20% chance of getting pregnant 
  • age 35 years- 15% chance of getting pregnant 
  • age 40 years-  5% chance of getting pregnant 

female fertility age chart

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