Benefits of Ashwagandharishta

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Benefits of Ashwagandharishta Ashwagandharisht: The consumption of Ashwagandharishta to ( Slim) thin people. Taking Ashwagandharishta provides great benefit in men with low sperm count, impotence, and weakness of the nervous system. In today's time, those who do more brain work should consume Ashwagandharishta regularly.

 By consuming it, mental exhaustion can be felt and mental agility can be felt. Weakness of heart, weakness of the brain, weakness of nerves, weakness after a long illness is removed. Wet dreams, lack of desire for sex. It helps in curing laziness, dysfunction, etc. All these diseases can be treated with Ashwagandharishta.

अश्वगंधारिष्ट के फायदे ashawagandharishth ke fayada

Which medicines are used to prepare Ashwagandharishta?

In Ayurveda, many different medicines are used to make a single medicine. The medicines and herbs used to make Ashwagandharishta are as follows.

  1. Ashwagandha 2 kg
  2. Safed Musli 800 grams
  3. Harr 500 grams
  4. Turmeric 400 grams
  5. Manjith 400 grams
  6. Daru Turmeric 400 grams
  7. Multhi 400 grams
  8. Rasna 400 grams
  9. Bidarikand 500 grams
  10. Arjun bark 500 grams
  11. Nagarmotha 500 grams
  12. Noshod 500 grams
  13. Annatmool 200 grams
  14. Shyamalatha 2000 grams
  15. Black pepper 350 grams
  16. White pepper 350 grams
  17. real honey 15 kg
  18. Dhay flowers 600 grams
  19. dry ginger 80 grams
  20. Peepal 80 grams
  21. lentil sugar 80 grams
  22. Big cardamom 80 grams
  23. bay leaf 160 grams
  24. Phool Priyangu 160 grams
  25. Nagkesar 80 grams

All these are used in making medicinal Ashwagandharishta, each medicine has its own different properties. When so many medicines are mixed together to make Arishta, then its miraculous benefits are seen. You can search our website. Here you will get complete information about making infusion and arista along with the method.

Benefits of Ashwagandharishta 

Beneficial in male impotence

The main cause of impotence in men is mental trouble and weakness of the nerves. By correcting all these, Ashwagandha increases the strength and semen of men's infertility by removing the lack of sperm. Apart from this, many benefits of ashwagandha have also been seen in curing premature ejaculation and dreaming.

women's hysteria

Many girls or women have been seen suffering from hysteria disease due to lack of libido. In this, women start talking unnecessarily. Sometimes she even faints. Its continuous consumption reduces the tension and excitement in the nerves of the brain and gradually cures hysteria. Many benefits of Ashwagandharishta have been seen in removing the weakness after delivery. The deficiency of elements is removed. New blood and new energy start circulating in the body. Women feel lighter and healthier than before.

beneficial in mental weakness

Nowadays online job seekers often have to face mental weakness and mental exhaustion. They have to sit for many hours and work on a laptop or computer. In this, the patient starts thinking of himself as a patient of depression. Those who do mind work should consume it continuously. This is to create a kind of new energy in the nervous system of the brain. Makes the mind fresh.

Beneficial in mental stress depression and anxiety

Due to weakness in the nerves of the brain, the patient becomes a mental patient. The main symptoms of which remain depression, stress, and anxiety. Due to its consumption, lack of memory, confusion of mind means forgetting while walking or forgetting while doing any work. There is no medicine better than this medicine for lack of concentration in any work, deformity of the mind, weakness of the mind, and for strengthening the mind.

For the slim and weak patient

To increase body weight, it is advisable to consume Ashwagandharishta to remove leanness. It contains natural steroids which are beneficial in increasing body weight.

the senility of old age

It has been seen that people who have entered the age have a lot of trouble in getting up and sitting. They also have to face a lot of difficulty in lifting their hands. Diseases like laxity etc. are removed by the consumption of the Ashwagandha relationship. And the body is lighter and more comfortable. Feels refreshed.

heart palpitations weakness

Patients who have mental troubles, they get nervous very quickly, their heartbeats fast. On speaking a little loudly or just seeing someone's fight, their heartbeat becomes very fast or As soon as they get information about any unpleasant event, their heart beats faster. They start feeling restless. In this situation, ashwagandha rishta should be consumed in proper quantity. This disease gets rid of by continuous consumption for a few months.

Method of consuming Ashwagandharishta

15ml Ashwagandharishta mixed with 20ml water should be consumed one hour after the morning meal. In the evening, it should be consumed two hours before the meal.

urgent notice

Before taking any kind of medicine, a good doctor must be consulted. How much quantity of any medicine a patient can digest, how much is his immunity. You should get information about all these things from the daughter, only then should you start taking the medicine.

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