what are the viruses - Information about the viruses in English

 Information about the virus in English, today we will know what is a virus, how the virus spreads, and what diseases are caused by a virus, 

doctors often tell their patients they have viral fever, human virus, germs.Viruses are causes of viral diseases, To get information about all these things, read the complete virus.

what do viruses look like:-

There are many types of viruses and their shape structure is also different. Virus of one type looks completely different from other type of virus. Virus is also called a anu (atom) of poison in Ayurveda.

what are the viruses

Virus in ayurveda:-

"Virus is called vishanu in Ayurveda, Dr. Edward Jenner discovered in 1793 that smallpox disease is caused by a virus, he also invented the smallpox vaccine."

Viruses are microscopic germs. Viruses are surrounded by a layer of proteins. RNA and DNA are structured within it.

life cycle of viruses:-

 Viruses invade living, normal cells and multiply from those cells to produce new viruses like themselves. Is.

how do viruses reproduce;-

Viruses go inside the person's body, damage the cells or change their DNA structure, due to which the person becomes sick,

 they invade certain parts of the body, such as lungs, respiratory system and blood and Infects them.

Is the virus alive?

Germ viruses can remain in a dead state for hundreds of years. All types of viruses are dead outside the body.

 but as soon as they enter inside the body of an organism or human, they come to life, they become alive again. 

the virus is given a life-saving solution for multiplication. Medium is required whether it is an animal, plant or human.

Are all viruses harmful?

Viruses are both beneficial and harmful, many viruses eat or destroy bacteria, this type of virus destroys the pathogens that cause cholera, typhoid, loose motion, etc. to your body and keep you healthy. helps in.

bacteriophages or phages are viruses that can infect bacteria

Many viruses cause diseases in plants, humans, and animals, they are harmful, viral fever, HIV. Diseases like Influenza, Polio, Jaundice, Colds, Ebola, etc. are caused by harmful viruses, each disease has a different virus,

How do viruses enter the body:-

Viruses are pure germs, if a person sneezes in front of you, then hundreds of viruses enter inside you by breathing.

 Apart from this, by drinking contaminated water, eating contaminated and market foods, by pet animals, by animal birds, insect moths etc. 

Viruses are helpful in transmitting, just as each disease has a different virus, in the same way the medium of entering their body is also different.

It is not necessary that you fall ill as soon as the virus enters your body. Your immunity may be able to fight the virus and get them out of the body.

 Most of the patients suffering from the virus are treated by looking at the symptoms, no antibiotics work on viral infections,

 you have to wait until your immunity kills the virus. For some viral injections, allopathy or ayurvedic medicine also Is.

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