Essay on Air Pollution in English

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Air is the basis of life on our planet, if the air itself gets polluted then what will be the future of humanity. Every living being whether it is an animal, bird, tree, or human, it is necessary to breathe to survive and there should be pure air to breathe.

air pollution essay in english

Today the atmosphere is getting mixed with poisonous gases, the day is not far when every person will carry a cylinder of oxygen with him. Air is not polluted by itself, it is being polluted by humans. For a few coins, the whole of humanity is being taken towards the downfall.

The harm of air pollution:

For the existence of living beings and animals, it is necessary for the air to be pure. There is a special type of gas inside the air which is called oxygen.

 When we inhale air through our breath, a lot of oxygen along with that air goes to our lungs. And when we exhale, the carbon dioxide comes out with our breath.

If there is a mixture of many toxic gases (carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide) in the air, then the contaminated air will go into our lungs along with our breath.

Which has to face serious consequences. A pure atmosphere and pure air system protect us from the intense rays of the sun and from ultraviolet rays. And destroys the meteors coming towards the earth before they reach Earth

Health side effects:

 Problems caused by air pollution include difficulty in breathing, lung diseases, brain stroke, heart failure, tuberculosis, asthma, and skin diseases.

The deterioration of air quality due to air pollution has adverse effects on human health.

How to prevent air pollution:

For the bright future of human civilization, it is very important for the air to be pure and clean. Otherwise, the destruction of the entire human race is possible.

Therefore, we should do everything possible to keep the air as pure and clean as possible. It is most important to purify the atmosphere. More trees should be planted.

Animals and animals take oxygen from the atmosphere by breathing and releasing carbon dioxide, trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide us with pure oxygen.

 This Cycle keeps the polluted air purified.

Epilogue :

For the betterment of humanity and for our future generation. Let us leave such pure air, in which future human beings can breathe freely.

 The prevention of air pollution is possible only then When we become aware of ourselves and start eliminating it from ourselves.

We will be able to protect our nature and environment only by working at the grassroots level. And will be able to give a better future to the coming generation.

For this, every person must plant a tree in his life so that the cycle of purity of air is not broken.

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